Creating a wedding photo planner

WRITTEN ON December 15, 2022

Everyone wants a perfect wedding photo gallery. However, every photographer has their unique blend of styles to capture this event. How do we meet at the middle point to all of this? The key to getting there is through constant communication about your expectations. The bride and the groom is Team A, the photographers’ team is Team B, and all other important people that are going to be present at the wedding event are Team C. Putting them all together, we create one huge Wedding Team. And the bride and the groom need to be the bridge to connecting everything together.

The events are undoubtedly going to be the busiest days of your lives. In order to let the photographers know of your requirements, it’s essential to have an official meeting beforehand where you can clearly communicate about how your wedding pictures are going to be. The more you meet and discuss, the more comfortable it is going to get until the final event day. It is essential that you keep the photographers’ team on your side. It never has to be you versus them and their work. Like discussed earlier, if photographers can turn your imaginary pictures to real, it’s a win-win for all.

The best way to get organized about this is by creating a wedding photo checklist. And make sure you explain everything you have on your list with the team. Besides the main events, you might want to capture the little beautiful moments in between. Or you might even want to tell a story about how you are as a couple and how you complete each other through your wedding video. Talk about all of this and buy yourselves and the team a good amount of time to get it right.
You might also want to introduce people who are important – could be your uncle, aunt or a childhood friend. The photographers’ highlight is always going to be the bride and the groom, and you need to help the team spot some highlights on other people who have a valuable role in your life.

If you have worked on a certain video concept, the meeting will be the time and space to share such ideas with your photographer. If you have saved a hundred posed wedding photos with different angles, that’s the time to share it with them. Doing this will help them figure out how to guide you through different events and get the most of your expectations covered.

Other things to keep in mind would be the background, lighting, decorations, flowers, props, makeup, attire, jewelry and more that could play an important role in defining the setting of your event photos and videos.

We have put together a small checklist that could work as a mini guideline for you to plan your big day.

It’s a little homework that will do justice to imaging your big day through pictures. You are the Felonious Gru and the photography team are your minions. Make the best out of the team because everyone in The Wedding City team understands the essence of a wedding day.