Creating a wedding photo planner

Everyone wants a perfect wedding photo gallery. However, every photographer has their unique blend of styles to capture this event. How do we meet at the middle point to all of this? The key to getting there is through constant communication about your expectations. The bride and the groom is Team A, the photographers’ team is Team B, and all other important people that are going to be present at the wedding event are Team C. Putting them all together, we create one huge Wedding Team. And the bride and the groom need to be the bridge to connecting everything together.

The events are undoubtedly going to be the busiest days of your lives. In order to let the photographers know of your requirements, it’s essential to have an official meeting beforehand where you can clearly communicate about how your wedding pictures are going to be. The more you meet and discuss, the more comfortable it is going to get until the final event day. It is essential that you keep the photographers’ team on your side. It never has to be you versus them and their work. Like discussed earlier, if photographers can turn your imaginary pictures to real, it’s a win-win for all.

The best way to get organized about this is by creating a wedding photo checklist. And make sure you explain everything you have on your list with the team. Besides the main events, you might want to capture the little beautiful moments in between. Or you might even want to tell a story about how you are as a couple and how you complete each other through your wedding video. Talk about all of this and buy yourselves and the team a good amount of time to get it right.
You might also want to introduce people who are important – could be your uncle, aunt or a childhood friend. The photographers’ highlight is always going to be the bride and the groom, and you need to help the team spot some highlights on other people who have a valuable role in your life.

If you have worked on a certain video concept, the meeting will be the time and space to share such ideas with your photographer. If you have saved a hundred posed wedding photos with different angles, that’s the time to share it with them. Doing this will help them figure out how to guide you through different events and get the most of your expectations covered.

Other things to keep in mind would be the background, lighting, decorations, flowers, props, makeup, attire, jewelry and more that could play an important role in defining the setting of your event photos and videos.

We have put together a small checklist that could work as a mini guideline for you to plan your big day.

It’s a little homework that will do justice to imaging your big day through pictures. You are the Felonious Gru and the photography team are your minions. Make the best out of the team because everyone in The Wedding City team understands the essence of a wedding day.

Wedding Photo Checklist

A wedding is an event we cherish for a lifetime. We keep your love captured in photographs that will help you look back and relive those wedding memories. You want to make sure that all the important people, important moments are captured perfectly. In order to do that, we suggest you create your own wedding photo checklist. To help you create such a list, we have done some basic homework to get you covered. Creating a wedding photography checklist is a way to make sure that you and your photographers’ team are on the same page.


  • Bride & Groom and their family/friends getting their hair and makeup done
  • Candid capture of the wedding rush
  • Outfit details: dress, jewelry, shoes, accessories
  • Short capture of the bride and groom getting ready as they put on their wedding outfit, jewelry, shoes, accessories
  • People helping the bride and groom get ready
  • Family/friends reacting to the moment after the bride and groom are ready at their own respective places
  • Bride and parents moments
  • Family portrait
  • Groom and parents moments, groom and groomsmen moments
  • Vehicle and other decors
  • Special appearance with the pets if either bride/groom own them


  • Ceremony venue details: flowers, mandap, furnitures, signage
  • Pre Janti arrival ritual on the bride’s side
  • Bride and bride’s side waiting look on the Janti arrival
  • Groom’s family entry with the Band Baaja – focusing on the laughters, dances as the Janti team arrives
  • Bride’s father and Groom’s first moment together at the wedding
  • First look reaction as the bride and groom get to see one another
  • Guests arrival
  • Wide shots and closeups of the bride and groom
  • Ritual list that needs to be captured depending on different cultural practices


  • Preparation to welcome the new bride home – dances, flower shower
  • Bridal first entry at her new home
  • Groom’s mother and bride’s first meet at home
  • Capturing the moments on how the bride enters the home
  • Other rituals that follow that needs to be captures

There could be so much more than just these lists. You could use these as a reference and create your own list that you can explain to your photography team. If you have an imaginary motion picture of what the video looks like, you could also talk about that with the team. As an example, after the usual Bidaai, it looks like the end of the ceremony. However, there’s a whole lot of other events that follow up on the groom’s side. You might want all of that to cover in your teaser, or your lengthy video. Since this is your once in a lifetime moment, you get to make the calls. All the while, discussing all the details beforehand gives clear bullet points to the photography team on the elements that they need to work on.

Additionally, you could plan for an additional casual pre-event shoot to get insights on the poses, your good angle and to experiment on what would work better. It’s good to have knowledge on these things beforehand because weddings already are a handful, you would barely have time to focus on how it would turn out. Consider a pre shoot to be a rehearsal that can only give you the best results on the main day.

Planning a post wedding photo shoot

We wonder why it is even necessary to have a post wedding photo shoot. But it is. Trust us when we say this. Couples worked through a planner and tried to do everything right. However, occasionally, the plans that you had for creating those special shots of just the two of you as a couple miss out. Since weddings are so much work, a post wedding photo shoot can be planned in a way where you could relax and be yourselves.

You could make this an escape task as well because there is a list of to dos after the wedding is done. You have a hundred relatives to visit, so many dinners to attend. Getting social becomes a tiresome job. You are in a state where you don’t even enjoy food at someone else’s place anymore. Even more so, you would enjoy some quiet and a super simple meal.

If you schedule a post wedding photo shoot beforehand, it is a service that you have already paid for and is as important as other events followed up through a wedding. And, you could pick a venue where you both can relax and maybe spend a night together a little farther from the city in a quiet and peaceful place. You and your partner can relax and create your own comfort space. You could take intimate shots too as far as your comfort can go. Define the chemistry and romance you have for one another through pictures. You could even hire a makeup and stylist to get the perfect pictures.

If you want to recreate the look in your wedding outfit where you wanted particular shots, you could work on that too. It is a post shoot where you can tick off what had been missed out from your wedding checklist.

Think of this as a pre honeymoon event where you both get to relax, be yourselves around one another, agree or disagree, create different moments and celebrate your wedding with just the two of you. And ofcourse, count us in to create a memory gallery to cover the most special moment that you start out as an official married couple.