Planning a post wedding photo shoot

WRITTEN ON December 15, 2022

We wonder why it is even necessary to have a post wedding photo shoot. But it is. Trust us when we say this. Couples worked through a planner and tried to do everything right. However, occasionally, the plans that you had for creating those special shots of just the two of you as a couple miss out. Since weddings are so much work, a post wedding photo shoot can be planned in a way where you could relax and be yourselves.

You could make this an escape task as well because there is a list of to dos after the wedding is done. You have a hundred relatives to visit, so many dinners to attend. Getting social becomes a tiresome job. You are in a state where you don’t even enjoy food at someone else’s place anymore. Even more so, you would enjoy some quiet and a super simple meal.

If you schedule a post wedding photo shoot beforehand, it is a service that you have already paid for and is as important as other events followed up through a wedding. And, you could pick a venue where you both can relax and maybe spend a night together a little farther from the city in a quiet and peaceful place. You and your partner can relax and create your own comfort space. You could take intimate shots too as far as your comfort can go. Define the chemistry and romance you have for one another through pictures. You could even hire a makeup and stylist to get the perfect pictures.

If you want to recreate the look in your wedding outfit where you wanted particular shots, you could work on that too. It is a post shoot where you can tick off what had been missed out from your wedding checklist.

Think of this as a pre honeymoon event where you both get to relax, be yourselves around one another, agree or disagree, create different moments and celebrate your wedding with just the two of you. And ofcourse, count us in to create a memory gallery to cover the most special moment that you start out as an official married couple.