Monic & Sean

The third person call for the small event at Dwarika hotel, when we went there, we were surprised to see the beautiful supermodel as bride and the most good-looking groom. The event went soo smoothly with following every rituals and the moments created there were captured well and happy whatever we have clicked.

Bipana & Nabin

It is so much delight when we get to work with couple who appreciated and had already been following our works. So, that played a big role in building an effortless chemistry and comfort working for the bride and groom as well the family. More than a client and customer relation, the team was welcomed like a family which made our job lot easier. As a result, the couple’s interview came out very beautiful and indeed was one of the most anticipated photos/ videos b by our audience.


This wedding was one of the most memorable wedding because we got to capture two beautiful culture coming together. Bride being Nepali and groom from South India who met at their University and fell in love to become this beautiful couple. They got engaged in  South India while rest of the ceremony was done in Nepal and we got the opportunity to film which was loved by so many of our audience.

Pujan & Prabhat

The couple planned to do a post wedding photo shoot since their wedding was during lockdown. The theme was white wedding/ western with a breathtaking backdrop of Gosaikunda couple portraits. The chemistry of the couple on top of that the best of Gosaikunda added a cherry on top. The experience was adventurous and challenging but the photos were very much loved which was very gratifying to team and the couple.

Zulekha & Aarif

We knew the bride already because she always is a established makeup artist in the industry. We were very looking forward to working for this couple for the fact that we gravitate more  towards shooting a mix culture wedding for there is so beautiful moments to capture when two different culture is trying to come together to celebrate love. This wedding happened in off season of wedding (in reference to Hindu culture) so that gave us a big advantage to shoot this wedding giving out undivided attention.